WordPress Themes for 2021 and Beyond

Everyone’s got an idea to share and blogs are a great way to express those ideas or promote businesses. From politics to book reviews to casino affiliates, blogging sites like WordPress provide a fun and exciting outlet to promote any idea or business possible. However, just having a blog isn’t going to be enough to attract an audience. The blog also needs an attractive WordPress theme. Even casino affiliate sites such as Slot Tracker could benefit from using a WordPress theme. So, here are some excellent WordPress themes for 2021.


Anyone who’s into farming, agriculture, or food will find this free WordPress theme enjoyable to use. When anyone clicks on a blog with that theme, they will see a big header picture, immediately drawing the viewer in. The links at the top of the page are easy to click on, and the text is easy to read. Barnsbury is a highly recommended theme for farming enthusiasts and food lovers alike.


Artists, photographers, and graphic designers will love this free design due to its large images and easy-to-read text. Rebalance has several links on the top right of the page to click on, and they’re all full of variety. They even have previews in case the blog entries are longer than expected. Anyone who wants to see large pictures and readable text will enjoy a blog with the Rebalance theme.

Independent Publisher 2

Sometimes, simplicity is the best way to showcase a business’s blog, and this theme is perfectly simple. It’s a straightforward theme with a lot of text but not too many pictures. Blogs are meant to be read, so this theme does a great job of presenting it as such.

Images can be added when using this theme, but its main priority is the blog posts. This is a refreshing bonus for viewers who don’t like to look at pictures constantly. The links are right in the center, and many social media accounts can be linked, which is great for a business. Anyone who prefers content over pictures and likes to connect social media accounts will be happy to choose Independent Publisher 2.


When designing a blog, it’s best not to clutter it up too much. That’s why this theme is great to use for businesses, particularly those about health and wellness. Cleanliness and minimalism are the main focuses for this theme, and it’s an outstanding balance between text-based blogs and picture-based blogs. Links are at the top right corner, and there are also links within the blog when scrolling down. Anyone who loves a clean and minimalist theme with an outstanding balance of text and pictures will love using Balasana as a theme.


Everyone’s got an idea and business, so what better way to promote them than by setting up a blog? With various topics and businesses to promote comes different themes to convey those ideas. These WordPress themes are great for expressing those ideas.

14 Aug 2021